Emergency service

When a disaster strikes in your home or place of business, it is a major source of stress. It is crucial to take the appropriate actions to protect your life, your health, your property, the building and the environment. As soon as you detect an abnormal situation in your building, you must:

  • First ensure your safety, then take the appropriate measures to control the impact of the disaster. In the case of a flood, if you are able to collect some or all of the water, do so. This will greatly limit the damage to the building and its contents. If there is a risk of falling, electrocution or fire, call 911 immediately;
  • Analyze the cause and fix the problem definitively or temporarily by contacting a specialist (e.g.: plumber for a pipe leak, roofer for a roof leak, etc.);
  • Gather all relevant information such as dates and times or areas for priority intervention. Contact your insurance provider right away to inform them of the disaster and determine whether or not to file a claim;

Your insurance provider will guide you through the rest of the process

Key things to remember:

  • Costs related to repairing the cause of a disaster are not usually covered by insurance;
  • If you decide to turn your case over to a third party of your choosing, you might be responsible for paying the difference between the amount the insurer would pay a contractor in its Rely Network and the amount billed by the third party;
  • We strongly advise against trying to repair a major disaster, such as a fire or flood, yourself. If you feel you are in danger, leave the building immediately and call 911