Groupe Actium is a leader in the disaster restoration industry. We offer competitive salaries and superior working conditions. We are always seeking competent, reliable and upstanding individuals.


  • Emergency Technician
  • Chief Emergency Technician
  • Contents Restoration and Cleaning Technician
  • Chief Contents Restoration and Cleaning Technician
  • Project Manager
  • Delivery Person

Day Labourer (restoration, demolition)

Versatile worker capable of performing diverse tasks:

  • Driving a truck and using various equipment for water damage restoration and industrial cleaning;
  • Cleaning ventilation systems, carpets, etc.;
  • Carrying out emergency demolition work.

Other criteria :

  • Holds a valid driver’s licence;
  • Has strong communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Is in good physical condition;
  • Works well in teams;
  • Is honest and has no criminal record.

Chief Disaster Restoration Technician

  • Receives instructions from project managers for executing work;
  • Works in close collaboration with project managers;
  • Supervises technicians on work sites;
  • Manages his or her team’s schedule;
  • Evaluates the technicians and reports the results to his or her immediate superior;
  • Verifies the equipment used on work sites;
  • Ensures equipment, trucks and work environments are kept clean;
  • Ensures all the necessary equipment is on hand before starting a job;
  • Respects work deadlines;
  • Is capable of answering disaster victims’ questions.

Project Manager

  • Receives service requests from insurers and individuals;
  • Coordinates tasks and creates timelines;
  • Leads and motivates his or her team;
  • Is capable of making decisions based on the information at hand;
  • Monitors projects effectively;
  • Manages conflict through good communication and active listening;
  • Communicates easily with clients and team members;
  • Proposes solutions when obstacles arise;
  • Is capable of asking for help in the event of a problem;
  • Prepares all necessary materials in an organized manner;
  • Monitors project progress and setbacks and reports this information to his or her superior;
  • Meets deadlines to fulfill objectives.

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