At this stage, the repair estimate will have been approved by your insurer. We will present you with the estimate and collect the deductible and any fees or supplemental work-related costs that are due. You can then choose product styles, materials and colours to record on the estimate. Once you have made your choices and we have verified the availability of the materials, we will establish a work timeline, taking your availabilities into account. Note that some materials take longer than others (cabinets, certain floorings, imported products, etc.).

At the scheduled time, our crew will begin securing the work zone and the unaffected areas to prevent construction dust from escaping the work zone. Any unusual situation must be reported to the project manager assigned to your file or to the foreman on the work site.

Our team does not leave the site until the job is finished and to the client’s complete satisfaction. A specialized post-construction clean-up crew will make sure the site is left in impeccable condition. Please note that installing drywall, cutting materials and other jobs produce fine dust that can remain in the air for several days. You may come across it during your routine cleaning in the days following the completion of the work. If your possessions were relocated during the work period, they will be moved back into place at this time.

The project manager will perform an inspection after the work is completed. Any adjustments that need to be made will be recorded in your file and taken care of by our team right away. Next, we will review the estimate one last time to make sure it is an accurate reflection of the work that was done, and then we will send our invoice to your insurer.

Groupe Actium Inc. takes its warranty very seriously. Do not hesitate to contact us if an issue arises during your project.

In addition, we are committed to providing you with all of the documentation related to warranties on doors, windows, roofs, flooring and other fittings.

Every effort will be made to ensure the work is done in a quick and organized fashion, with minimal impact on your daily life.