Contents relocation

After a disaster, or if you are simply having renovation work done, your possessions may need to be relocated outside of the damaged area or building so that the work can be carried out safely and efficiently.

In addition to allowing the workers to do their job easily and without interference, this measure will prevent further damage (moisture, odour, soot, collateral damage) to your belongings that were not affected by the disaster.

The simplest and cheapest option is to move the items somewhere inside the building if possible and if they do not disturb the occupants. We will assess the possibility of relocating furniture to an unused room or garage. Our specialized staff will verify the ambient conditions of the storage area to ensure they are optimal.

When it is not possible to relocate contents inside the building, we will move them to our heated and secure storage facilities in Laval or Saint-Jérôme.

Our turnkey services save you the tedious task of preparing, packing and protecting your belongings before they are moved. Our qualified and experienced crews will professionally pack and protect your possessions and make sure that every measure is taken to avoid damage during transport.

All belongings and furniture relocated to our storage facilities are carefully placed into individual storage units that are specially designed to protect your property during their stay.

Groupe Actium Inc. knows how much your possessions mean to you, which is why all contents entrusted to our company are rigorously labelled, packaged and transported with the utmost care and respect.